At Vapen our purpose is simple: produce top quality marijuana and CBD products with brands dedicated to exciting consumers everywhere.

In 2012, we began as a medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, we still operate the dispensary, as well as cultivation, extraction, processing and production facilities throughout the world. We also bring you “more.” With Vapen, you get the very best customer service, customer experience and company culture.

We make great products, build great brands and are committed to delighting and exciting our customers everywhere.

Vapen has long been at the forefront of innovation with cannabis and CBD products. From the invention of a patented cannabinoid inhaler to the advancements of pure processing, our innovation sets standards and inspires others.

Our leadership is committed to growing Vapen in a sustainable way. We’re committed to preserving and protecting the environment, growing the skills of our associates and working to improve the communities in which we operate.